Welcome to InSanity lurks Inside,
Here you'll find some standard answers (and a few snark-tastic ones) to some common questions I've been asked about both myself and the blog.  The answers here are not complete and are a work in progress, updated as the questions are posed to me.  All humor within is my own and these answers do not reflect on anyone but myself.

If you have questions which haven't been addressed here, please feel free to send off an email. I can be contacted at carrieh@insanitylurksinside.com just please allow 24-48 hours for a return reply.

Q:  Who are you?
A: Oh, right. Introductions.

Hello, My name is Carrie and I'm a complete Theme Park/Amusement Park junkie. Hopelessly addicted to the sights, smells, thrills and chills involved in the world of park entertainment. Knowing a good bit about them through various means (internet search, talking to folks, working for them and generally being nosy). I decided to share with the world my opinions, ideas and other various goodies of thought because perhaps I may just know something that someone else has always wanted to know.

Q: Why the name "InSanity lurks Inside"?
A:  The name 'InSanity lurks Inside" started as my own personal inside joke. One definition of 'Insanity' is to keep doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. I found myself going to amusement parks and theme parks over and over again, expecting different results. Yet I almost always found the same thing if not something worse then the previous visit. So this became an exercise in "insanity' for me, which sparked the idea for the blog name. InSanity lurks Inside was born!

Q: What kind of credentials do you have?
A:  Oddly enough, several. Not only am I a blogger sharing my opinions online with the world at large, I've got practical experience. Nearly 10 years in the theme park/amusement park industry working various positions from ride operations to merchandise, as well as some experience on the management side of the road. I've seen the good, the bad and the train wrecks from both perspectives.

Q: Do you get paid for this?
A:  Wow, Okay. Now that I'm done laughing the simple answer is NO.
This is not a job, it doesn't pay my bills nor will I give anything but my full opinion. The cost is my own and I shoulder it happily. That said, sometimes free passes do come my way. However, they do not mean anything more then I'm guaranteed to show up.  

Q: Do you change your opinion if you get free passes?
A:  Your kidding me, right?
My opinion and reviews can't be bought for free passes or swag. Both passes and swag are much appreciated as this operation is expensive but they will never sway my opinion or alter a review. As I said, free passes only promise that I'll be there and ready to review, hoping to be impressed with what I see.

Q: How you do pick where you go? 
A:  Easy, I always ask myself one question: Can I afford this?
Travel is expensive and I refuse to step foot in an airport so long as I've got four good wheels beneath me. We (myself and my team) drive everyplace as we love a good road-trip and fully believe getting someplace is half the fun.  There is also the cost of hotels, food and admission on top of gas. We try our best to plan well in advance what areas we're going to be in and what we'd like to see while there.  This normally let's us plan out our schedules pretty early on but naturally things happen, such is life. However, we do our best to  keep to our schedule and add in any extra trips when possible

Q: Why Haunted Houses?
A: Easy, I love them. LOVE THEM.
With more than 10 years of working in and around haunted attractions. We've done every job from ticket seller to actor. We know the blood, sweat, tears and love that go into a haunt. We know the pain of putting your body thought the most grueling workout imaginable night after night. We both know the in's and out's of a haunt operation and as such we like to believe we have both an insider and outsider opinion to offer to the public. Giving them the general information in review form with a little look inside the workings of a haunt at the same time.

Q: Okay, so why theme parks and amusement parks?
A:  Why not?
As I said, I love them. My first memorable trip to an amusement park was the now defunct 'White Swan Park' in Moon, PA and I've pretty much been hooked since.  My parents moved to Orlando, FL when I was still very young and when your next door neighbors are a mouse, a fish and a woodpecker you tend to know whats going on. Some may not like it or agree, but I fell even deeper in love with the concept of parks, what they stand for and what they mean to people.

Q:  Your not just another Disney/Universal blog are you?
A:  Seriously, have you even read anything on this blog?
Yes, I admit I cover the theme park giants. You can't ignore three 800 pound, neon pink gorillas lurking in the room. However, you can make sure that isn't the only thing you focus on.  I felt strongly that these smaller, local parks needed a rather loud voice. So I took it upon myself to champion the smaller parks whenever possible. Believing strongly while the theme park giants may have the money, the smaller parks have the vibrant and amazing history that often stretches long before those giants came along.

Q: Why so much sarcasm?
A: It's part of my charm. It is also the easiest, most concise way to get my opinion across in plain English without sounding like some fluffy sales pitch. If I'm impressed or disappointed your going to know it quickly as well as why, without having to question 'what does she really mean?'.

Q: Who's on your staff?
A: InSanity lurks Inside doesn't have "staff" per say. As I said this is not a paying job, it's pretty much a volunteer effort with some occasional great perks. That being said InSanity lurks Inside has 3 main members- Carrie (Myself), my boyfriend Michael and help from Alex (Best Friend/#1 Head Minion). Occasionally other people will join us on our adventures, this provides us another point of view to use as a gauge and reference for our reports.  Doing this you can become jaded quickly and sometimes miss things, having a fresh pair of eyes is often a huge benefit!

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