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Where to Follow *InSanity lurks Inside*

 Many folks wonder when we're going on our adventures and what we do along the way. Here's your chance to find out the odd and inner workings of the team behind *InSanity lurks Inside* and follow along on our trips. While the reviews and photo's always make it to the blog, not everything end up posted here. That's what we've got the internet for. Well, that and cats..

 There are many and various options, we're lurking all over the internet on multiple social media platforms!   We'll randomly post photos, babble about something silly or just be weird when not traveling but when we're on the road- the fun begins! 

 So, you want to follow along?

Twitter: @ISIParksBlog

Carrie- Owner and Editor of *InSanity lurks Inside*

A self-named 'Theme Park Maven' is a banished Orlando resident, currently living and operating outside of Pittsburgh, PA. However, this doesn't  limit things as it allows for travel to even greater places than before. Covering most of the East Coast within a few hours drive, and farther when able.

Carrie is the sole owner and operator of InSanity lurks Inside.

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