Saturday, July 11, 2020

Parks and Coronavirus- Too Soon or Not Soon Enough?

Coronavirus is on the rise for the Summer 2020 season. 

Many of us have been waiting, with a mix of concern, fear and hope, that the summer 2020 season would somehow happen. Hoping for life to get back to normal now that we all understood how to protect ourselves against COVID19 which devastated the world the first half of 2020.

Along with this, many of the things we enjoy have closed or been delayed in reopening. From shopping, to restaurants.. the world ground to a screeching, smoking halt. We've waited, followed the rules and kept ourselves safe in hopes that we could return to our favorite past-times. For us, it was one goal: amusement and theme parks.

Which drives the major question: Is it safe to reopen?

Honestly, we are of two minds here.

On one hand, it doesn't seem like it's yet safe to reopen the amusement parks and theme parks we all love. Not while people are still fighting about wearing masks and washing their hands. With the rise in cases, it's obvious many give no care for the welfare of others and in such a public area? It's going to be even more difficult to be safe with the blatant disregard of some.

On the other hand, we want our parks. We want to enjoy the summer season, explore beloved areas and ride all the new additions. We've gone stir-crazy and want out just as much as the next person in line. The parks themselves have worked out ways to try and keep things as safe as possible. From limited attendance, mobile applications for lines and heavy sanitizing routines. They are trying to reopen for us.

In the end, it boils down to one thing... we don't know.

We can't tell you it's going to be fine and that you'll be fine. 
We can't tell you it's safe, because we don't know. 

None here can speak if the parks are reopening too soon or not soon enough. We'd like to believe they mean well and want guests safe. Because without guests, they have no business. That said, I'd like to urge people to take their own initiative to be safe. Worry about yourself and take precautions. Don't simply throw yourself into the merriment and forget everything we've had to re-learn the hard way!

Follow the rules. Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Sanitize often.

Yes, it's inconvenient.  Yes, it's annoying.
But it's still far better to be inconvenienced and annoyed now than it is to possibly die, alone, in a hospital bed from something you could have prevented.

So Please, Stay Safe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fourth of July Weekend Plans

Good evening readers!!!

Just wanted to give all you lovelies a bit of good news in this pretty boring and lackluster summer.

The ISI crew is going to King's Island this holiday weekend for Passholder Preview!!!  So expect our review of King's Island and how they handle the new guidelines and, of course, our review of Orion!!!

And don't worry because we will, for sure, be riding all our favorites!!
(Banshee, The Beast, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers....SERIOUSLY I can't choose)

We can't wait to share this weekend with everyone!!

ISI crew - Carrie, Alex, and Michael


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Breaking News- Disney to Re-theme Splash Mountain

Breaking News: Disney announces that Splash Mountain will be re-themed to "Princess and a Frog". 

With the current movements in the world and changes coming to be more sensitive to minorities, Disney has announced that Splash Mountain will undergo a re-theme.

Currently, Splash Mountain is themed upon the controversial film "Song of the South" which is considered 'banned' by the Disney Vault. It has not been seen or released since 2000. The ride is hugely popular but it's unlikely many have seen the movie which is was based upon.

On the matter, the below is what Disney has to state about the matter:

Today, Disney announced that in both the US parks, Splash Mountain will be transformed with the hit movie "Princess and the Frog".  Disney has stated this new ride will tell a story, picking up where the movie left off. We'll be following Tiana and Louis on musical adventure as they prepare for their first Mardi Gras performance.

Currently there are no additional details or information regarding the new changes coming to the ride.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Parks are quietly adding opening dates.

Amusement parks are quietly adding opening dates and times online.  

While most amusement parks don't rate the attention Disney and Universal collect, you would still expect some kind of notice about them reopening after COVID19. However, you'd be wrong.

 It seems amusement and theme parks across the east coast are quietly updating their websites to show opening dates and hours without a big to-do. We've been keeping an eye on things and it seems this week, dates and times are appearing on websites with little or no fanfare.

Just today we discovered the following have opening dates:

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: June 25th.
Kennywood: July 1st.
Idlewild Park: July 3rd.
Waldameer Park: June 22nd.
Dollywood: June 15th
Knoebels: July 3rd.

Ceder Fair parks still show no opening dates, but it has been discussed about Carowinds reopening soon (July 27th) according to various news articles. This would put Cedar Fair behind the eight ball of collecting what is left of the 2020 season.

Seaworld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa have also dropped opening dates in the last few days, with both parks set to open to the public again on June 11th.

Please note, all these parks will have limited capacity and various ticket rules. Plan accordingly by seeing what rules each park has and if they require a reservation system, ticket sales rules and modified hours.