Sunday, February 17, 2019

Travel Notice- Florida and Beyond!

Hey Folks,
Just posting our first travel notice of the year as we're excited to get back on the road!
From February 23 though March 4th we'll be in Central Florida, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for photos, updates and quick reports!

Once we return, updates will resume! In addition to new park reports, construction reports and more.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Universal Orlando- The 3rd Gate is Happening.

Universal Orlando and the Mystery 3rd Gate.

Because let's face it, we know the money from a certain boy-wizard is what is building this for them.

It seems, Universal Orlando has gone off the deep end of the spectrum with their decisions lately. With more paperwork and permits being filed, Universal has made the leap and is building their 3rd theme park (or 3rd Gate as we often call it) but it's not where you'd expect.

Yes, you read that correctly. Universal Orlando is building a NEW THEME PARK. 

In years past, this has been a long-standing rumor that Universal Orlando intedend to build another theme park but always left us with questions like..
Where? How? With what space?!
We've dived back into our own records and various ancient whispers of times long past to break this down.

My fabulous paint skills.
In the red, you'll see the current proper of Universal Orlando Resort. It's, not exactly huge but is locked land-wise on all sides- A major interstate, A high school, Rich People and Hotels abound the property at all angles.

The Pale Blue blot of land is the former Wet'N'Wild site, which is going to be the location of two more hotel properties owned by Universal.

If you look to the south, you'll find the green colors. We know Universal Orlando owns the chuck of green outlined land, it's the former 'Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin' property which was sold to them in 1998. This property borders Universal Blvd, the Orange County Convention Center and runs along the backside of International Drive.

In the Yellow, we have another chuck of property- Rumored to be owned by Universal Orlando. There was a large sale of 101 acres in 2017 that runs along Sand Lake Road (that is marked as 482 on the map).

Overall, we know Universal owns roughly 570+ acres of land in this general area. The exact details and property lines, those are harder to pin down but we've given it our best guess with all the information that has been dug out over the last 20+ years.

Image from WFTV
So today when these images dropped from WFTV about construction plans for Universal's next theme park- we went to work.

This image, fits in with the chuck of 'green' property from the map- the former Martin Marietta site that borders the Orange County Convention Center. Access would be gained from Universal Blvd, which was been built up rather substantially in the last 10 years with the expanding of the Convention Center. This image also shows a parking lot structure, which is reported to hold 16,200 spaces as well what may well be access roads into and around a central area. It's then very easy to guess this central area? That is going to be our mysterious third theme park.

Another good thing to point out here, Universal is breaking the unspoken 'Theme Park Rule' which has been set down by Disney- That all your property should connect and be inclusive. Meaning, when you go to Disney, they do everything possible to keep your from leaving that property during your stay. Universal has taken this, tossed it out the window and begun an ambitious project which will span a good chunk of the tourist 'zone' in Orlando.

This also leaves the VERY good question- What will be inside this new park?
Simply put, we've no idea. That's the beauty of a new construction park, you get to discover everything for the first time, along with that 'new theme park' smell.

What we DO guess is that Wizarding World will be heavily involved-  We published an article a two weeks ago pointing how Universal is attempting a new trademark related to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. If you put these two together, then we know at least one part of what will be included in this new adventure.  Along with this, another rumor is this is the area which may host the rumored 'Nintendo Land' expansion which has long been slated for Universal.

Rumors are going to be flying in coming months, but don't worry. We'll keep you posted as  confirmations begin to happen!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mom suing Dorney Park....because her daughter got scared???

Good morning readers!!!!

So this article is basically me venting about the stupidity of park visitors.  Now obviously everyone has done some stupid things in their lives; it's part of making us better and smarter and blah blah blah.  So try to imagine my surprise/head shaking when I read a recent article that came out of Dorney Park.

The short version is that some teenage girl was visiting during Halloween 2017 and she didn't want to be scared so she told the park cast to leave her alone and they didn't.  So when they went to scare her again she fell and got hurt.  Here's one article about the whole situation if you want to read it.

NOW I'm not saying that getting hurt it the stupid part; honestly I'm an accident waiting to happen everyday.  I'm my own portrayal of Murphy's Law in life-you name it then I've probably gotten hurt from it: I seriously twisted my ankle falling UP STAIRS once.  So I would never make fun of someone getting hurt.

Now the reason I am writing this article instead of Carrie is because that crazy ass women LOVES to be scared while I don't.  I will do everything in my power to avoid being scared; I don't go to haunted houses or Halloween events or even watch scary movies.  Being scared is so far from my favorite thing that I will generally fight tooth and nail to avoid being put in the situation.

So to address the article then.  The mother states that Dorney Park did not make it obvious for her daughter to know that there were "No Boo" badges available for her to purchase.  This is just plain being a non observant visitor because on the website I found the No Boo badges explanation immediately and it states that a patron can be a badge at any merchandise location in the park meaning that there would be posted signs in the park.

The article also mentions that the girl asked the workers to leave her alone, but most people know that that is an open invitation for them to really come after you.  So honestly how ridiculous can someone be????!!!  This is like one of those rules that you don't know where you learned it from but you learned it somewhere to never tell anyone to leave you alone in a haunt.

If you haven't figured out by now I find this whole situation BEYOND ridiculous!!! Dorney Park made it quite clear the options to go through the haunt whether you want to be scared or not.  At a certain point the patron has to take some semblance of responsibility for their visit; you don't want to be scared either don't flipping go to A HAUNTED HOUSE type event or look up options that work for your visit.

No matter your own thoughts on the whole thing the bottom line is that at some point you, as an amusement park visitor, have to be responsible for your own safety and well being when visiting. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kings Island- Firehawk Demolition

 Firehawk Demolition at Kings Island. 

Normally we're sad to see coaster demolished but sometimes, it's got to happen. More so when it's an old Vekoma that's painful to look at and more painful to ride. Which is the current situation with Firehawk at Kings Island.  While this makes us wonder what will soon be taking it's place, we've got some video that is both shockingly amusing (to those of us who've had the pain of riding Firehawk) and interesting to see the process used in coaster demolition.

These were found of YouTube which show the lift hill being brought down as well as someone having some fun, tipping over the loop.

For those who might miss Firehawk or never got the chance to ride it, we've also added in the POV down below for your viewing (or cringing) enjoyment!