Saturday, July 18, 2020

Disney is (unsurprisingly) closing rides.

In a shocking move to no-one, Disney World announces permanent ride closures. 

I'm unsure how anyone can be surprised at this point when rides that have been on 'seasonal only' status for years finally close.

This week Disney World finally announced that 'Primeval Whirl' and 'Sititch's Great Escape' we're closed for good. Both rides have operated as 'seasonal only' for years. In the case of Stitch's Geat Escape, it's been on 'seasonal only' status since 2016. Primeval has been seasonal longer than I can even recall. The surprising bit out of this round of closures is that the 'River of Light' night show at Animal Kingdom will also be closed. The nighttime attraction was rather widely popular and has only been running for three years.

Which leaves the question, with the sudden cuts Disney has been making due to the loss of income from the coronavirus shutdown, will anything new actually go into these spaces?

Rumors have circulated for  years about Stitch's Great Escape being replaced. We've heard everything from 'Alien Encounters is coming back' to 'Wreck-it Ralph'.  As for Primeval Whirl, it's hard to say. Some speculate that we'll be seeing a re-theme to Dinoland USA while others think that the space will turn into another flat-ride. Again, I expect this is going to boil down to if (or when) Disney decides they are ready to spend money again.  I wouldn't expect too much for at least a year, if not longer.

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