Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Illness, Holidays and Finals- Oh My!

Terribly sorry I've been away so long my friends!

I've been fighting off a very bad case of illness. On top of having had finals for college as well as the winter holidays, I haven't been able to rant write to you lately.

 I do hope you'll forgive my absence, because BOY do I have a TON to rant about that's been building up for weeks! So with that, let me give you a little preview of what's been brewing about in my head lately.

-Jaws Closing/Harry Potter. Yes, Again.
-Dumbo Closing for relocation
-Test Track Revamp
-Fantasyland Expansion
-Seaworld, Seaworld and MORE Seaworld

I hope your looking forward to them, I've got some built up sass to blow off in a big way.
Personally, I'm hoping to start on at least one of these today so please keep checking back for a new update coming shortly!

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