Monday, February 27, 2012

Engaging RANT mode..

Oh for the love of rice cripsys!

I'm sure you've all heard about the current controversy involving the new (and now closed) Habit Heroes interactive show at Epcot? Apparently as it was so eloquently put by my friend over at Wonders of Life 4Eva "Psychologically hitting kids with bricks".  Apparently the Huffington Post (which we all know get's their panties in a knot faster then a Vegan in a McDonalds) is horridly offended and finds the whole thing to be 'Fat Shaming'. Apparently those of the 'unable to put the fork down' variety find it shameful how they are portrayed in the attraction and feel it puts down kids who spend to much time in front of the computer/television are obese.  Have these people ever walked around Epcot?! Do that enough and obesity is the last of your worries.
I swear, this is nothing but people complaining because their unwilling to fix their own problems and expect everyone else to be 'sensitive' to them because of it (at least in the majority of cases). If your not comfortable with your weight or with people 'looking' at you in a theme park after possibly viewing an exhibit on how to get healthy try getting your fat ass out of the EVC (fat people movers) and WALK!
Remember, kids learn from their parents. So guess who is really to blame if your kid is obese?
Oh, wait. We can't possibly blame the PARENTS could we? 

Yeah, it's not a great exhibit. It's a half-assed knock off that would never have made it into Wonders of Life and not nearly good enough to be considered well done. Many report the script to be lacking, the 'games' buggy and the show very one dimensional but really Fat Shaming?  What. A. Crock. 
Yes, the attraction from what I've seen is rather dull and I'd probably loose attention with it in about five minutes but the point is their at least trying to inspire and teach kids the basics of good habits. The characters might be stereotypical but really, show me one character that isn't. It just doesn't exist. 

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