Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick News Update!

Well hello again!
I'm neck deep in finals week and (big surprise) completely unable to sleep. So since I'm just staring at the internet I figured to give you a nice dose of the news!

So let's get started!

Test Track Re-imagined
Well folks, the rumors where flat wrong this time. Test Track went down for the massive GM sponsored overhaul on April 17th. Expected re-open dates are sometime in August/September.

Orange Bird is Back!
That's right, many of you may not remember the Orange Bird which was an icon in both Florida and Disney World in the early years of the park. He's finally made a return to the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland! The Orlando Sentinel did a nice right up about it which gives you a nice bit of the history and the return.
Follow me for the Orange Bird

Starbucks at Disney?!
Yes, in some rather unpleasant news Nescafe's deal with Disney is ending this spring which means they've hauled in the worst thing they could find.. Starbucks to replace them. While some may enjoy their coffee, I personally think asphalt has a better flavor.
Starbucks moves into Disney Parks

Universals Cinematic Spectacular
The long awaited night time show celebrating Universal's 100 years of movies is now in rehearsals! Current opening dates are sometime around May 8th. 

Animal Kingdom, Tree of Life Issues.
Orlando Theme Park News today reported a branch from the Tree of Life in Disneys Animal Kingdom fell today. Weighting roughly five pounds, they've closed the tree and surrounding attractions to check for damage.

Well that's about all that's really happened lately.
However, be patient! With summer season gearing up, we'll have updates and news coming in from left and right shortly! Also with finals over at the end of this week several new projects I'd like to start, some on the history of various attractions and how they've changed threw the years.  Also one in regards to scrapped ideas in theme park history!

Also, if you missed it, Insanity Lurks Inside is now on Google+.
Please join up over there for random news updates and fun articles as I locate them! Also if you find something fun or interesting, please don't be afraid to share it with me.

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