Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stupid Guest Tricks- Troll Hacked!

Hey Folks,
One of my favorite online forums for Theme Park Employees new and old, as well very informed guests has suffered a hacking. Stupid Guest Tricks is a close knit group of folks who know the mental stress and drama of theme parks the world around and share stories of our time in servitude as well as other silly and off the wall things. Today SGT was hacked back some faceless troll and now needs an upgrade in order to not be black-listed with places like google. So if your a member or even just willing to throw a few bucks.. CujoSR, Myself and the rest of us who enjoy SGT would appreciate the help! I've already thrown in my $5 of weekly mad-money, at least it's going to a better cause then a lotto ticket!

All the wonderful folks at SGT have raised enough to get the newest version and we did it 18 hours flat! Excellent my friends, Excellent! 


  1. Hi! I used to read (lurk) there a lot because it's hilarious, and I saw a couple of months ago that it was hacked. I'm still unable to get to the forums-- my virus protection says the site's still malicious and blocks me. Is there another link to get to the forums again?

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