Monday, June 18, 2012

Bluegrass Boardwalk- Bad News, Again.

Well Friends, I've got bad news again.

The Koch Family (who owns and operates Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN) was dropped out of the deal for the former Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, supposedly to once be named "Bluegrass Boardwalk". There are a LOT of rumors flying left and right about what happened but before I speculate, let's get you the facts. 

Bluegrass Boardwalk hype fades as Koch family backs out of plans to Reopen the Park

"For months, the Koch family had been in talks to reopen the rundown amusement park. They already own and operate Holiday world in Santa Claus, Indiana. They would have leased the Kentucky Kingdom land from the state Fair Board"

Not so much talks, this was planned and money was found to back the deal. The Koch's where ready to move forward and turn this rotting Six Flags property into an amazing park, the problem is the Kentucky State Fair Board is NOTORIOUSLY difficult to work with in any way/shape/form. Even Six Flags had long standing problems with this, many believe this is why when Kentucky Kingdom ran into problems Six Flags embraced their most famous of actions: RUN LIKE HELL. ABANDON SHIP!

The Koch Family later issued a statement from the website they set up for Bluegrass Boardwalk.

Bluegrass Boardwalk withdraws from Project

“We entered into this discussion last October with full expectation of leasing the park,” says Bluegrass Boardwalk CEO Natalie Koch. “However, we have come to the realization that leasing a park rather than owning it would take us too far from the business model my family has followed for more than 60 years.”

This statement says to me: To much red tape, to much bureaucracy to get even the tiniest thing done. If you read the statement it's pretty blunt, the Koch family needs control to get things done and the State Fair Board simply won't let something like that (meaning a successful park) happen.  

This is sad news folks, Holiday World is renowned for they're excellent service and an amazing park. Yet another amusement park will sit in the weather and simply rot due to morons with more greed and control issues then common sense. Okay, so I oversimplified that greatly but it's pretty good and true. I hate to see a park, any park, fall to pieces rotting when it could be bringing people fun.

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