Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Distraction 6/4- Random Throwback Edition!

Monday 6/4

Morning Again!
 Today's Distraction has nothing to do with Amusement or Theme Parks. Well, other then the fact one of the theme of today's distraction was located near Disney/Seaworld/Universal. Besides, I felt like throwing in some random nostalgia!

Man, I found something special for my fellow 80's children out there especially those of us who grew up down south! I'm sure you've all had at least one Birthday party in your past that was held at somekind of pizza place, the ones with the playground and the singing dancing band of furry creatures to entertain the masses? Well I certain did and boy am I ever disappointed by today's current offerings of Chuck E. Cheeses. Frankly Dave and Busters is more fun for kids and where is the show?!

Well, Never Fear!
Because I've found a fun offering for those of you with Netflix!
Do you remember Showbiz Pizza? They where around in Florida well before Chuck E. Cheese very moved in. The one I remember clearly was on International Drive which is now occupied by a (surprise) Chuck E. Cheese. So let's take a little trip down Memory Lane with this cool (and slightly creepy) documentary about Showbiz Pizza and how it came to be!

Now, after doing a little research I've learned that apparently there is still an active "Rock-afire" band still playing for kids. While no longer under the name of "Showbiz Pizza" it's another place very similar called Billy Bob's Wonderland in Barboursville, WV! It's not to far away from where I'm currently living, this may require some investigation!

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