Saturday, June 2, 2012

Typical Summer- The Price Hike

Good Morning Folks!

Hope your having a good weekend because I've got some bad news. Well, it's not really bad just typical.

In yet another case of Theme Park "Monkey See, Monkey Do" Disney and Universal Studios have once again raised their admission prices. It's now easily $100 a day with tax for Disney and nearly that for Universal Studios. It's not overly surprising as this seems to happen nearly every other year for the major theme parks, I just think the price is slowly getting into the level of "Okay, that's a little bit overboard..". Disney has also 'quietly' raised the price of their annual passes, to the tune of nearly 15%.

Disney One Park, One Day tickets are now $89 plus tax. Up from the previous price of $85.
Universal One Park, One Day tickets are now $88 plus tax. Up from the previous price of $85.

Wish I could sugar-coat this a little for you but the parks are a very expensive hobby or vacation. Make sure you look around and price out the best deal for your money! Often you can get ticket packages with multiple days and park hopper options for lower prices then the standard "one day, one park" price. That's really the goal of the parks, to keep you in multiple days but often it's worth it since it's hard to see everything in a single day!

Now we only have to wait. I'm sure SeaWorld and Busch Gardens aren't far behind in announcing a ticket price increase.

Orlando Sentinel Reports Ticket Price Hike

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