Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily Distractions- 6/5

Daily Distraction July 5th.

Good Morning Folks!
I hope your Holiday was lovely and you don't have too much of a celebration hangover!
Now without further babbling, lets get down to today's Daily Distraction. Keeping with the theme of Roadside America, we're looking at those small places sometimes off the beaten path. The one's that get missed in lieu of the big theme parks!

Well, While I've never been to today's Distraction it came to my attention by way of a good friend of mine. Everyone say "Thank You, Leo".

Jiminy Peak Mountain Adventure Park  appears to be a large outdoors adventure park! They have multiple Ziplines and climbing courses like rope courses. Another part has a Mountain Coaster, An Alpine Slide and even one of those skydriving attractions! Plus goodies like Segway Tours, Rock Climbing, Euro-Bungy Trampolines and Hiking!

If I ever manage to get myself up into the New England area, I've got to check this place out! 

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