Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Breaking News: Universal Orlando CONFIRMS Harry Potter for 2014

Universal is a bunch of liars!

  This afternoon Universal Orlando Resort finally cracked the seal on what their new expansion will be. I'm sorry to say this but it is Wizarding World of Harry Potter London/Diagon Alley which will open at some point during the 2014 season. 
Screencap of the press release, Read the whole thing for yourself HERE

  They are toting this massive expansion as "The worlds first centrally themed, multi-park experience" since it will now span both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.  They've also confirmed a restaurant (probably Leaky Caldron), a 'marquee' attraction themed around Gringotts Bank and several shops all inspired from the Harry Potter Books and Films. Universal also states more details will be released over time.

Image of London WWoHP

  I'll admit it, I was wrong on this one but I won't apologize for not being a huge fan of the idea. Oh don't get me wrong, it looks cool as hell! As I see it the problems I listed before in multiple posts still exist. Let me review, in short, why I suspect this may have issues.
-Without a single central ticket valid for all parks, this will create chaos with multiple gates inside of each park. Causing just as many 'return riders' as unique riders.
-Massive themeing issues with the "Hogwarts Express" as well as flow problems. Can you imagine waiting 2+ hours for a train ride between parks?
-London is narrow, very narrow. If Universal follows this unique pattern to keep the themeing accurate it's going to make moving around a headache (although I admit, I hope they do keep it to this theme for the 'feel')

  So while I can easily admit it's going to be awesome, I still have some concerns. Personally I'd have liked a unique theme that wasn't Wizarding World to move into Studios. I do love Harry Potter and I love what Universal Orlando has done with this very difficult theme. However, I don't like the idea of it taking over and dominating both parks.

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