Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Review: Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland
Our Trip in Photos

 In the Park Review I posted several of the picture which work with attractions we rode and talked about. However, we always take a complete ton of pictures and rarely do I have a reason to show them all off. Since we found Canada's Wonderland such an amazing park for the reasons listed in the review, I felt that everyone should be able to see the other pictures which show exactly what I was speaking of.

Read the FULL Park Review of Canada's Wonderland

Now, onto the pictures!
I've made the photos small so they will load quicker, feel free to click on them to get bigger images to enjoy for yourself!

The Mountain at Canada's Wonderland:

Wild Beast:

Dragon Fire:

The Bat:

Time Warp:

Mighty Canadian Minebuster:


Ghoster Coaster:

Flight Deck:

Drop Tower:

Riptide: I thought this was cool as I've never seen a top spin designed with two separate swinging cars.


Random Shots Through the Park:

Random Dork Sightings:

It's my hope you've enjoyed these photos and can see what a beautiful park Canada's Wonderland is and that in the future you'll visit!

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