Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dollywood 'New Attraction' Announcement Coming Soon? UPDATE

UPDATE 8/21/13: 
FireChaser Expressed Announced for Dollywood in 2014 as well as a new Resort Hotel! 

Image from Dollywod's Facebook Page
 Wow, the "new something" announcements are flying thick on the air this month and Dollywood isn't about to be left out of the loop.  Something new is coming to Dollywood in 2014 and the big reveal with come on August 21st at 11am.

 The rumor mill is speculating that this may not be an entirely 'new' ride but a massive refurbishment of an older attraction. Some say it could be the old mine train "Thunder Express" which is defunct while others are pointing to a completely new attraction, probably a roller coaster. Honestly, I've seen guesses that range from "A NEW Dollywood Park in Florida" to "Resort Hotel" so this one is entirely up in the air. However, keep in mind that Dollywood last built in 2012 when they put in "Wild Eagle" which is a terrain wing coaster.

Update 8/20/12
 We've managed to compile the clues up which have been given about the Dollywood Announcement which is coming tomorrow at 11am. I admit, the clues are confusing. Do they mean a new attraction or perhaps a resort hotel attached to the property? The Rumor Mill is leaning to this being a multiple announcement, meaning more then one thing will be announced for the park in 2014.

One Reader, Megan, Suggested a Snow Park. While a good thought, it looks like today's big clue puts all our wondering to rest. It looks like it's confirmed to be a roller coaster! Today's big clue was "Duel Launch" which could only mean we're looking at a brand new coaster coming to Dollywood in 2014!

Either way, here are the current clues up to today's!

-Aug. 5: “Express”
-Aug. 6: “in 2014″
-Aug. 7: “make Dollywood”
-Aug. 8: “thanks to”

-Aug. 9: “ultimate”
-Aug. 10: “beautiful”
-Aug. 11: “new”
-Aug. 12: “and my”
-Aug. 13: “thrilling”
-Aug. 14: “family”
-Aug. 15: “Dollywood’s”
-Aug. 16: “opening”
-Aug. 17: “vacation”
-Aug. 18: “in 2015″
-Aug. 19: “destination”
-Aug. 20: "duel-launch"
-Aug. 21:

 ISI will be following the rumors and bringing you the news of Dollywood's newest attraction as soon as the announcement hits (or someone spills the beans to us)!


  1. Stumbled across your site on a slow work day. I'm a fellow enthusiast as well living in the Orlando area. My wife and I just visited Dollywood two weeks ago. The back of the park is fenced off saying the new attraction in 2014 will be a "blast". Makes me think of an accelerator coaster like Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City or something similar. Although seeing those clues, perhaps it will be Thunder Express remade into an accelerator coaster?

  2. Hey Mike,

    Well, we're happy to have ya!

    We haven't gotten a chance to visit Dollywood yet so I can't really speculate fully. I'm going off the rumors which seem to be flying rather crazy right now but I'd imagine from the hints it's surely some type of coaster. Although there seems to be a big toss up between "Launch" coaster and those favoring something more in the style of 'Outlaw Run' which it's wooden inversions. I couldn't resist the temptation and had to add in the more out-field guesses like "South Florida".

    Either way, it's going to be interesting for the 2014 season!


  3. Is it possible she is going to offer a snow park? I know that sounds crazy, but she did drop out of a partnership to build a water & snow park in Nashville a couple year ago. Maybe she's decided to do it at her own park. The location is on a hillside plus it could generate more revenue in the winter months. Hmm???

    1. Hey Megan,

      Really, anything is possible. At this point everyone is just guessing in the dark and speculating wildly, even myself. The rumor mill is leaning towards a new roller coaster, which is possible but they did just build Wild Eagle in 2012 (which seems quick to build a second multi-million dollar coaster that quick in my opinion). Personally I don't tend to believe anything too strongly until I see it, in writing, from the park in question. At least we'll know what the big announcement is on Wednesday and we'll be sure to post the information here on the blog as soon as it's available!


  4. I'm not sure how true it is but my husband works for the Marriott here in Kingsport, Tn. & there was talk going around about Dollywood opening a resort, but I'm not sure where the information originated from, I just know my husband came home a couple nights ago & said Dollywood was opening a resort & he wanted move to Pigeon Forge so he could work there lol

    1. Hey Jordan,

      It is true. Dollywood is building both a new roller coaster called "Fire Chaser Express" for 2014 and a new 300 room resort called "DreamMore Resort". The Resort seems to be planned in phases until it's complete.

      Hope this helps!