Monday, August 19, 2013

Flying Turns Status Update: Possible Labor Day Weekend Opening? NOPE! -UPDATE

Flying Turns Status Update
 at Knoebels Amusement Resort

UPDATE 8/27/13:
Yesterday on Facebook I inquired of Knoebels if they planned to have the long awaited 'Flying Turns' coaster open for Labor Day Weekend as rumor has been suggesting.  This was the response I got...

It's NOT HAPPENING folks. Straight from Knoebels on Facebook, the question was answered. We won't be seeing the opening this weekend and possibly not this season.
 Old News:

 We've got a new rumor from Knoebels Amusement Resort this week, one we've all been waiting nearly seven years to year. Flying Turns may yet make it open for this season! 

 We heard rumor that Labor Day weekend could see the opening of the long awaited coaster, which has been plagued with issues since it's inception.  A friend of the Knoebels family told us recently that was the planned opening day if it make's it open at all this season. The ride has recently begun re-testing with another new ride car component being replaced, this seems to have fixed the problem of not being able to get the coaster train onto the return track properly.

 Even more recently, Knoebels unleashed test footage of the ride going through it's paces. I have to admit, it looks like an amazingly wicked little ride. Remember, a wooden bobsled coaster hasn't been built since 1940. If Flying Turns does open this season, you can count on ISI to get you the details as quickly as possible (because I will drop everything and haul ass to the park the moment I hear it's open).  Either way, please enjoy the test footage of Flying Turns posted from Knoebels!


  1. Thanks for sharing..
    It must be funny...


  2. Confirmed, we were there yesterday and it is not open. Tools, boxes and parts laying all over but no one is working on it. It's not opening anytime soon. Why don't they just bring in a company to finish it? They obviously are in over their heads!