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Rumor Round-Up for Late August 2013

Rumor Round-Up
Late August 2013 Edition

 Holy Crap!
 Rumors have been thick on the ground lately in the theme park and amusement park world, everyone is making announcements and most of us are speculating wildly about what's really going on!  So I've tired to compile a decent collection so you can keep up-to-date with who may be doing what for 2014 and beyond!

Let's begin with what we already know!

Dollywood- Building Fire Chaser Express for 2014 although we still have no spec's for the new coaster it will be 'family friendly'. The park will also be building a 300 room resort hotel slated for opening in 2015.  (Click Here for More Info: Dollywood Announces Fire Chaser Express and Dreammore Resort)

Kings Island-  in 2014 Kings Island will open the worlds longest inverted roller coaster, Banshee. It will also tie the world record for 'most inversions' on an inverted coaster.  This is the ride which will be replacing the now gone 'Son of Beast' wooden coaster.   (Click Here for More Info: Kings Island Announces Banshee)

Disney World- Epcot Center/World Showcase- The menu's for the 2013 Food and Wine festival have been announced and posted online, we've got a copy ready for your planning! (Click Here for More Info: Epcot Food and Wine Festival Menus)

Speculation Abounds: The 2014 Gossip Mill
Moving along, this is the info we've dug up about various parks and possible but unconfirmed 2014 projects. 

Cedar Point- Rumor says that a possible new 'Interactive Dark Ride' attraction will be coming to the coliseum building (arcade building) for the 2014 season.  This project could be announced as early as Tuesday, August 27th.  (Click Here for More Info)

Canada's Wonderland- Rumor has it that a giant hole as appeared in the side of the park's focal point, Wonder Mountain. It has also been getting larger in recent weeks, could this be to remove Thunder Run and possibly add in a new attraction?  No one is really sure yet but rumor says the park may announce whatever this project is on August 30th. (Click Here for More Info)

Knoebels Amusement Resort- Rumor is that the long awaited 'Flying Turns' coaster has been inspected and could open as early as this season for Labor Day Weekend. The park has not confirmed this but they have posted new POV of the ride, complete with the new cars and fixed track elements.  (Click Here for More Info)

Six Flags Great America- Rumor is that Rocky Mountain Coasters is probably building a new coaster going into the location of the old "Iron Wolf" ride, it features an unknown unique element possibly a launch.  (Click Here for More Info)
-Also rumor has it that 'Raging Cajun' will be moved to another Six Flags pack after the 2013 season is complete.

Disney World- Animal Kingdom- Rumor has it that the popular 'World of Color' attraction may be coming to the east coaster finally and being placed in Animal Kingdom. 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas- Rumor is that the park has trademarked "eXtreme 14" which may or may not have something to do with a waterpark. 

Freestyle Music Park- Rumor has it that the rides have been seen testing with water dummies in the seats of the coaster once known as "Led Zepplin: The Ride". No word on the park being purchased or updated has been found.

Michigan's Adventure-  The park may or may not be looking into purchasing new 'coaster trains' for the Shivering Timbers roller coasters.

Six Flags Great Adventure- The long rumored 'Giga Tower/Drop Tower' which would be attached to Kingda-Ka may be a reality, track was spotted near Kingda-Ka with the nearly the same colors. The park hasn't announced anything yet to date. 

Six Flags St. Louis- Rumor is that "Aqua Barrels' may return to the park in 2014. There is also one floating around about a possible massive refurbishment for "The Boss" coaster in either 2014 or 2015. Nothing has been confirmed by the park.

Well Folks,
 That's all I can find for now, I'm sure plenty more exists but these are the current 'big news rumors' floating around in various places online.  None of these have been confirmed by their respective parks and are only speculation right now. Until a park announces something, it's just a rumor, no matter how much we all want it to be true. 
 As more information and announcements happen, we will update as needed! 

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