Friday, September 6, 2013

Banshee Watch- September 6th

September 6th, 2013

 We've got some more news coming from Kings Island today regarding their new record-breaking coaster, Banshee, which is coming in 2014. This and many other new images have been posted to their facebook account. 
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Image from Kings Island's Facebook Page
 More track is up, this is the first of the 'real' ride track that has gone up outside of the maintenance station area. Construction is progressing swiftly for the park with the mild fall we've been having so far. Footers for additional supports have been poured and are curing as we speak, those same supports are on site and ready to rise into the air as soon as the ground is ready.

 Each time I look at the layout for this ride, I admit, it a few years it's going to be even more amazing. Once the trees and foliage grows back in, this ride is really going to be a sight to behold while riding. Much like Beast, I think when things finally grow back it you won't see as much of the ride leaving you with that secluded feeling of thrill.

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