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Haunt Review- Ghoul Mansion

Haunt: Ghoul Mansion
Location: Sharon, PA
When: October 25th, 2013
Times: Sunday and Thursday 7pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 7pm-12am
Price: $15-30
Rating: Very Good
Recommendation:  Worth the Drive!
Website: Ghoul Mansion 

We were invited by Ghoul Mansion to review their haunted attraction. This has in no way swayed or altered our opinion of this or any haunt we visit.

 We had planned to visit Ghoul Mansion much earlier during our Haunt Tour but plans kept falling through. It's really not much fun to try and review a haunted attraction when your sick!  Finally, things looked clear and we booked two hours north of our home to Sharon (or Scarin' PA) to visit this haunt.

 In the past we've heard a few people talk about them but really had no idea what to expect.  We knew they offered six unique themes in two buildings but other then that, I was walking in blind.  From the outside you may not be impressed but once you step inside, it's another world of crazy shit.  You wait in line and get a small pre-show, form here you enter a foyer to get your picture taken and a surprise ending before you enter your first haunt.

Keep Reading for the Full Review!

Dungeon of Doom 

 The first haunt you enter via an 'elevator' and one twisted bellhop.  It's dark, close confines and very twisty. From some areas of this haunt you can see through into others, which doesn't exactly 'comfort' you any since you know that something is lurking around the very next turn.

 Ghoul Mansion doesn't believe in straight up, in-your-face scares because they had people crawling out of the weirdest damn places.  Not angle was safe, they will come at you from the ground and the air.  From in front and behind, left and right. There is no angle or area which isn't crawling with something dark, that wants you dead.

 As you twist and turn, disturbing visuals assault you. The themeing lends its-self to the building and it just works. Guts and Gore live down here but please be aware, stairs are involved! 

 Gauntlet of Ghouls

 The next themed area fits perfect with Dungeon of Doom. Another tightly fitted, narrow area which features both fog and pure darkness. If you think the twists and turns in the previous area where bad, your in for a nightmare.

 This area starts out with some minor lighting and actors coming at you from all directions, then it suddenly ends. It's pitch black and your in a basement. Lovely eh?

 They did this right, very few actors but you don't really need them. Once you enter the darkness, the throbbing sounds and weird feelings are enough to creep out the hardest soul. Finding your way through is no easy task, you will need to keep your arms out to avoid going nose-first into a wall!

Scarin' Behavioral Institute

 As you finally exit the darkness, your dropped in a 'parking lot' for your next attraction. The favorite of fans (from what I've heard), "Scain' Behavioral Institute" is your next stop.

 Complete with a full ambulance, your walking into something batshit crazy and it starts quickly. People will come at you, again from all directions. They've got them on the floor, crawling out you. Jumping at you, Reaching for you and grabbing at you from the ceiling. Honestly, the volunteers they've got are just great. We really enjoyed 'freaky, double jointed, floor patient' in this house.

 Your going to wind your way through patient rooms, operation rooms and even a few twisted experiments. The patients will put you through a full run of crazy- From the insane running the nut house to the less crazy who've now become their victims.  You won't have much time to check out your surroundings because the inmates here don't give you a moment of peace!

 The Manor

 If you think you've seen the best, it just keeps getting better with every new area you travel through. The Manor is no exception to this and once again they've got actors going crazy and after you from every damn direction. Even an innocent refrigerator isn't safe!

 Themed as a stately manor house gone straight to hell, you're going to wander through the various rooms and be fresh meat for it's motley crew of miscreants whom call it home.  I admit, I really enjoyed the kitchen and living room areas of this house. Not only was it dark and rather gross, the actors inside really enjoy their job. From  the girl who was dancing on the fireplace and mumbling non-sense to that refrigerator I mentioned above.

 Twisting around you will encounter fog, dark areas and various special effects.

The Body Shop

Holy Crap, More?!

 The next stop on your adventure is 'The Body Shop'. It's like a mad scientist has gone back to high school inside, only rather then building cars.. he's after your body parts.

 Another amazing cast of crazy people await you inside. Gore, Guts and Chaos await. I do so love the sound of chainsaws and screams echoing through the night!

 Dark and twisted, your going to try and escape but you might just meet "Fluffy" along the way. While I can't say the sets where perfect or amazing, the actors fully make this area of the haunt. They are intense and in your face, behind your face and happily willing to remove your face if you stare at them just a little bit too long. Nano Seconds...

CarnEvil in 3D

 Yes, they've got clowns. We all know my feelings on clowns- they annoy me.

 I have to admit, Ghoul Mansion's clowns are annoying but the sets are great. Unlike others, their artwork extends to the floor giving a nice illusion of melting. Everything is painted- everything.

 The downside, this is where the 'new actors' are and boy.. you can tell. Honestly, all they did was scream and use drop windows. We thought we'd see some variation but sadly not.

 Just screaming and drop windows, they haven't figured out that your allowed to play with props and angles yet in this house. Frankly, it was the only let down we encountered but after learning this is where they break in the 'new recruits' it's a little more easy to swallow.  Although in the 'Good News' area we learned their going to focus more on teaching the new folks how to handle their area in a 'scare school' for next season. So we hope to see better things from these clown type folks next season!

Frankly, I really enjoyed nearly ever aspect of Ghoul Mansion. It's got a great length, taking 45 minutes or so to complete all 6 areas. It's got nicely dressed sets that fit the theme of whichever area your in but it's the Actors. The actors fully make this haunt, without them I can't say I'd have enjoyed myself. Staffed mostly by volunteer teens, they are the beating heart of this attraction. I was shocked it was mostly what we'd consider 'kids' working because they've got some serious dedication and you know they're having fun.. which gives a haunt a unique feel... it's alive.

 Honestly, it's worth the drive to check out. You've still got a few days left before the 2013 Halloween season is over. If your within a two hour drive you should check out Ghoul Mansion- You won't be disappointed!

Notice: You will need to be in good condition to handle this haunt. Inside you will encounter the following- Stairs, Narrow Passages, Fog, Strobe Lights, Darkness and Loud Noises.

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