Thursday, October 24, 2013

Haunt Review- Scarehouse

Haunt: The Scarehouse
Where: Etna, PA
When: October 19th, 2013
Times: Thursday and Sunday from 7pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 7pm-12am.
Price: $19.99-$34.99
Rating: Very Good
Recommendation: Need to See!
Website: Scarehouse

We were invited by Scarehouse to review their haunted attraction. This has in no way swayed or altered our opinion of this or any haunt we visit.
  Oh Scarehouse, You never fail to deliver a great haunted attraction and this year is no different.

 There is a reason Scarehouse is one of the top haunted attractions in the US. Not only does this place have awesome owners but they work their tails off to promote and better the place each season. Each year some new twist or theme pops up, which becomes the focus of a crazy media blitz. This season was no exception!

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 This season Scarehouse redesigned the entire front of their haunted attraction. It's now host to a 1920's theater, complete with their own lounge act which has appeared in multiple video ads. This new area is really rather amazing and fits true to the original use of the building the haunt is located in. 

 Without giving to much away, the tickets are sold out but your group is going to get 'sneaked in the backdoor' to see the show. Needless to say, something has gone horribly wrong inside and your stuck right in the center of the action. The feel inside in amazing and the themeing is something lovely to behold. If you look around, you'll catch all kinds of little hidden gems from previous incarnations of Scarehouse.. if your not screaming in terror that is. This new opening leads your path into the 'Forsaken' area of the haunt, which has gotten some improvements since last season. Nothing is ever entirely the same in this place! The transition may see odd but if you follow along with the story, it makes a LOT more sense. Please note, this house does have strobe lights and heavy fog.  Not much more I can say without giving up the game, so your just going to have to experience it for yourself!

 The next area of the haunt you move into is 'Creepo's Christmas'. Oh Creepo, your the only clown left in this world of haunted attractions that I still enjoy. Not only is Creepo one twisted clown, he's taken over Christmas! 

 Perhaps we should let Creepo have a little talk with the department stores, Halloween isn't even over yet and their all hocking Christmas crap already! Get 'em, Creepo!

 Needless to say, Creepo and his band of twisted assistants have gone to the north pole and taken the place over. Nothing says "Christmas Cheer" like clowns dressed in skinned elves and supplying their own special holiday surprise. This is a 3D haunt and yes, it's cheesy but it's delightfully twisted cheese which has gone bad and started attacking. I'd suggest you keep your eyes out for the Gingerbread men, they come to some twisted endings in this place! Lot's of fun little hidden bits located in this haunt also, just look around because while your screaming you'll probably get a chuckle in along the way. A decent bit of this haunt has also changed up from last season, you'll find some fun new twists and turns inside. In the interest of keeping this fun, your not going to hear a peep more.. mostly because I'm fairly sure Creepo will end me if I give away his ending!

 Oh the Bunny. Who doesn't want the bunny to love you.. with his Axe? 

 The next and final theme for Scarehouse is "Pittsburgh Zombies" which, I'll admit wasn't my favorite last season. I'm pleased to tell you that's been fixed! The crew of Scarehouse has improved this area dramatically, not only in themeing but in overall "bad shit has happened" factor.  New scares, new areas and new things to see are lurking inside. While there is still a decent level of 'classic zombie cheese' located in this area, it's become more dark and confining. Really transporting you into the feeling of Pittsburgh being overrun (again) with the walking dead. Loud noises, low light, heavy fog and strobe lights can be found here.. so take precautions if needed. You're probably going to scream and you're probably going to like it, at least I hope you do because this haunted attraction deserves the love it gets. 

 Overall, we've always enjoyed Scarehouse. We liked it so much we've worked for these great folks in the past and enjoyed every damn moment of it. If I had one complaint it's that the actors no longer seem to be 'in your face' intense anymore, I kind of miss that. Now this could be due to the fact we visited Scarehouse at the end of a very busy night.  The only other thing I could say is they do lack a climatic ending but there are reasons for that- mostly stairs. Scared running people don't handle stairs real well and accidents are best avoided, so I fully understand why even if I may not like it. 
 Honestly, if your looking for a 'scream-machine' haunt this is your place. Your going to scream, probably try to escape and possibly pee your pants in the process. Trust me when I say- Go. Just Go. Even if you're like me and don't get scared very often, your going to enjoy this place!

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