Friday, November 1, 2013

Breaking News-The Land of Midendhil Coming to Orlando

The Land of Midenhil
Coming to Orlando

 Okay, Seriously. What the HELL is this?! 
 It came out of left field. No one knew about this and no one still does.

 The Orlando Sentential doesn't even know anything about this project which apparently revolves around a book series. A series which was released.. get this.. LESS THEN A WEEK AGO. Also, it's not even available in English yet- Only Italian. I've looked as the first thing I wanted to do was get my hands on the book and find out what this is all about.

 Honestly, I have no idea if this project will even happen considering no one can guess if a book series will do well or even catch the public interest. What does shock me is that they've already jumped the gun and launched a "entertainment complex" project idea. I say 'Idea" because there is a complete lack of information about it.  No one even knows where this project will take place other then "Orlando" and "Italy" but apparently the desginers have a fairly nice resume. Having worked with various theme parks such as Disneyland Paris and Gardaland. 

 However, No one is talking about this or reporting on it. I haven't even heard rumors about this thing but here it is, popping up on one of my normal news sources- The awesome folks at Orlando Theme Park News.  They report the project will apparently include: An Special Arcade, A Theme Shop, Special Restaurant and Musical Theater. No other attractions or rides are listed at this time.

The website for this project reports the following:
The saga of Midendhil will be soon an incredible entertainment center located in Orlando, Florida.
In Midendhil Experience there will be a special arcade with innovative and spectacular videogame to live starring the wonderful world of Midendhil, a theme shop where you can buy all the magic described in the novels and a great restaurant to taste the dishes and recipes described in the saga.
But above all, in the gigantic theater,  you can watch the magnificent Musical of Midendhil, an incredible show, produced by the best theatrical producer and the greatest professionals of the theme parks and the film industry in the world. Packed with special effects ever seen, give all the spectators an unforgettable experience.
Midendhil: a new world for a new experience of fun.

 Information is sketchy at best about this project. It has no projected time frame nor any location listed. There is nothing to know other then this seems to be someone's pet project.  Either way, we'll be closely watching this to see what happens. I do have to admit, it's looks pretty at least!

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