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Haunt Review- Hauntville

Haunt: Hauntville
Location: Elyria, Ohio
When: October 26th, 2013
Price: $16 (Zombie Hunt is an Extra Charge)
Rating: Good
Recommendation: Check it Out if your in the Area!
Website: Hauntville

We were invited by Hauntville to review their haunted attraction. This has in no way swayed or altered our opinion of this or any haunt we visit.
 Hauntville was recommended to us by a friend who works for them. We hadn't heard of them before but since we planned to be in Ohio, we though it was worth a shot at contacting them.  We ended up with an invitation to check them out.

 However, I didn't know much about this haunt so I walked in blind. Having no idea of what to expect or what was offered in the attraction. I find when I do this I don't have any expectations and can enjoy what's being offered rather then viewing things with too critical an eye.

 Hauntville offers 4 themed haunted attractions in one location. Located in an old 'big box' store in a strip mall, they've got a lot of area to play with and they use it to good ends. Perhaps it's not the most visually amazing haunted attraction I've ever seen but it's the actors inside that really bring this place to life, making an otherwise unassuming building scary indeed.

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Cellblock 13
 As we entered we headed for 'Cellblock 13', the first area of our tour. Actors entertained our line, weaving between people and getting a few good screams out of folks. As we approached the door we where given the rules and allowed to enter this Cellblock though a creepy looking cell door.  Going in small groups we find this far better then being pushed into a 'conga line' style area.

 Inside you find yourself in a prison for the criminally insane and things get nutty from here.  You're taken into the wardens office and your senses are assaulted by a crew of perfectly crazy inmates, all find your mere presence in their prison highly irritating and each one has a plan to remove you from the picture! Patients, Doctors, Executions and even some twisted experiments lie in wait as you travel though.  The actors really make this haunt truly fun, although I could wish for more of them. It's their energy and insanity which drives the scares lurking inside. They'll be in your face, misdirecting you and all of them want you to scream.

Psycho Manor

 The next haunt is lead into from Cellblock 13, called "Psycho Manor". A traditional haunted house, you're in a funeral parlor and house once owned by the local undertaker.

 In this area the themeing really got much better, you twist and turn your way though the various manor rooms as well as some areas the undertaker himself used for his work.  You'll encounter some really twisted family members who don't much care for your trespassing ways, you need to get out.

 Lot's of startle scares in here and plenty of misdirection to go along with a nicely creepy setting. The actors inside are really what makes the sets shine, each one was both scary and engaging with our group. Doing their best to scare us and if that didn't work we got an entertaining show of crazy folks doing what they do best- being crazy! Although I really liked some of the touches found inside- such as walking through a coffin! However, I won't tell you more because you can't enjoy it if I tell all the good parts!

Wicked Clowns in 4D

 Oh Boy, Clowns. Not my favorite because I'm really getting tired of everyone having them in 3D.

 However, I'm happy to tell you these clowns impressed me! Your not going to find your same old boring gimmicks inside 'Wicked Clowns in 4D'.  This house really shines among all the clowns I've seen for the fact they don't do the expected.

 Yes, you'll have crazy clowns and your wearing 3D glasses but they went the extra step to make you go mildly crazy.  Tilting rooms, spinning rooms, crazy actors and a very large snake all await you inside. I can't say more or it gives away the game, just know this much- This is one Clown Haunt I rather like! It's not typical or what you expect plus the actors inside take that whole 'wicked' title to heart- demented and crazy at the same time.

**Please be aware: Hauntville uses heavy fog, strobe lights, tight areas, moving floors, moving rooms and a host of other special effects.**

 Overall I rather enjoyed Hauntville. It's a good haunt and has a great price. However, I'd like to see more from them and I know they can do it. The actors are what makes this haunt come to life but I'd like to see many more of them in the future- more fun and crazy people to twist your nightmares or give you fresh ones!

 If your in the Cleveland Ohio area or passing by, this haunt is worth your time to stop and check out.

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