Friday, November 29, 2013

Six Flags Great Adventure- Building A Resort Hotel?

 Interesting rumor from Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey has surfaced this week!

 It's long been rumored that the property has wanted to build a resort hotel but these plans have never come to pass, between Six Flags having money issues and the park passing through different general managers over the years.

 Jackson, New Jersey is pretty much a wasteland. It doesn't have any major hotels nearby but there was one small bed and breakfast place within several miles but I've no idea if it's still in business.  Honestly, there isn't much there expect a few small chain restaurants located by the Outlet Mall.

 So if they did built the rumored resort hotel, it would make the park a multi-day visit. Which would be helpful as in the summer it's nearly impossible to ride everything in a single day due to crowds, plus a multi-day ticket would be a nice addition as the price of the park is an insane $65.99 (online) plus an extra $20 for parking.

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