Friday, December 6, 2013

Cedar Point- Hotel Breakers Upgrades

Image from The Toledo Blade
 Well Folks, It's December. The coasters are closed and the screams are silent on Lake Erie but Cedar Point is still busy.

 Besides Winter being the only time of the year most of us normal folks can afford the price tags at the Hotel Breakers, The long awaited and desperately needed updates to the resort hotel have finally begun. Hotel Breakers is in for a two year, two phase renovation project.

Image from The Toledo Blade
The first phase involved upgrade to the outside of the hotel. Hotel Breakers is finally getting a much needed new roof and a completely new coat of paint.  The second phase on construction which will  happen in winter of 2014 (we suspect) will be a full renovation of the resort hotels much aging interior.  

 Honestly, If I was Cedar Point I would have done this project in reverse. The inside first followed by the outside but perhaps the roof has finally gotten bad enough that it couldn't be ignored any longer. I've had several reports over the last two years that Hotel Breakers has gone down in quality severely with most people opting to stay at Breakers Express due to the main resorts deteriorating conditions.  Either way, it's nice to see their paying attention and giving the Resort, built in 1905, so much needed love!

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