Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Trouble for Bands, Brews and BBQ at Seaworld Orlando

 More bad news for Seaworlds yearly event- Bands, Brews and BBQ.

With more people believing the hype from the faux documentary "Blackfish" more bands have bought into the silly petition online to drop the event.

The latest loss is Willie Nelson, who was suppose to play on February 2nd.  Rather then coming out and saying this pull-out was due to "Blackfish" Nelson's management has simply said it's a 'scheduling conflict'.  Not even man enough to say the real reason, I've lost some heavy respect for the man after this chicken move. 

 Seaworld again offered the music star to visit the park to find out what it is they really do, their conservation and education work. Once again, they are declined by a public figure who thinks they know better because they watched a movie.

 Also in the rumor mill but not yet confirmed is that yet another band has given into the petition, this time Heart.

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