Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rumor Alert- New Coaster for Carowinds in 2015 is B&M?

RUMOR ALERT- New Coaster for Carowinds in 2015 is a B&M?

 We've all heard the news that Carowinds Park has gotten an influx of money for improvements for the next few years and may speculated this will mean a near big-ticket coaster coming to the park. However, no news has really leaked or been announced about this since the small hint the park dropped about a new coaster in the future.

 Today on a German website, Coasters and More, has reported an unnamed B&M coaster with height/length stats that may be slated for Carowinds in 2015. Now, since I'm not fluent in German I've gotten this via Google Translate.

Without names, Carowinds, United States: For 2015 B & M is to provide a larger roller coaster after Carowinds. The gigantic roller coaster is a targeted improvement of more than 90 meters over a length of over 1500 meters, the state line of North and South Carolina repeatedly cross and thus her little brother Intimidator, a B & M Hyper Coaster in the same park, make easily in the shade.

So we're looking at an unknown type of B&M Coaster, with a height of 295 feet tall and roughly 4,922 feet long which will run the state lines the park straddles.

Remember- This is simply a rumor until confirmed by the park!

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