Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Universal Studios China- Happening or Not?

 Universal Studios China- Is it Happening or Not?!

 Years ago, Universal Parks and Resorts was playing with the idea of building one of their theme parks in China. However, the project was rejected for unknown reasons but now it appears these talks at still in the works.

 Beginning in 2012, Universal was in talks with the city of Tainjin, a port city, in regards to possibly building a theme park there. News leaking slowly from Universal Parks has given folks a new reason to believe that Universal Studios China may still happen.

 According to this job listing, Universal Creative is looking for a project manager who can speak Mandarin.

 Another bit of news that's leaked through is that Universal has also applied for permits from Tongzhou District according to Shanghai Securities.  The site of the proposed park is currently undergoing demolition and if this source can be believed, may begin construction soon.

(Info complied from Screamscape and ThemeParkInsider)

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