Monday, February 10, 2014

Bad News for Conneaut Lake Park

 Bad News for Conneaut Lake Park

 Not happy news today- Conneaut Lake Park will be sold.

 This news comes after their lackluster board of trustees failed to pay the state of Pennsylvania nearly $900,000 in back-taxes, late payments and interest on the properties. The sale will come in September at a County Tax Claims Sale. Currently none of the trustees are facing charges in regards to where the money from Conneaut Lake Park's taxes have gone.

 It is unknown at this time if Conneaut Lake Park will open for the 2014 season or what will happen to the parks collection of historic rides and attractions. The Blue Streak roller coaster alone is over 75 years old and is considered a Roller Coaster Landmark.

 We will continue to report on the fate of Conneaut Lake Park as information becomes available.

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