Monday, February 24, 2014

Disney World raises Ticket Prices

Image from Clint Gamache of ThrillGeek
Disney World raises Ticket Prices.

 Fans and Friends of Disney World have lost their minds in the last few days with the resorts newest ticket price hike.

 This is the second ticket price raise that Disney World has implemented in the last twelve months, unusual for the resort which normally only raises prices once per twelve months.  The last raise in ticket prices happened in June of 2013, just nine months ago.

 The new price, $99 per single day is a $4 increase in price. This has effected all tickets across the price spectrum. However, this increase only effects the "Magic Kingdom" park so far. It's unknown if this raise in prices will soon go resort wide. The other parks- Epcot Center, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are still at the old price of $94 dollar per day.

 This new price increase came as a surprise. It wasn't announced nor did Disney warn their guests as they had done in the past, this new move was done quietly in the night only to be leaked by Orlando Sentinel. The Total Orlando Blog has estimated that in the last decade Disney World's admission fees have easily doubled, they also expect that by 2025 price will be over $153 per day if the current yearly (or twice yearly) increases continue.

 Fan have been speculating wildly as to the reasons behind the price raise. Many believe it has to do with the gross overspending on the "My Magic+" system which the Orlando park has been trying to implement in the form of "MagicBands" in the last year. Others believe that it's do to high levels of over spending involving the "New Fantasyland" project which is suspected to be behind schedule. Like most things involving Disney World, we'll likely never know the real reasons behind them breaking the rule of "one price hike on tickets per year".

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