Monday, March 24, 2014

King Kong Returning to Universal Orlando

 King Kong Returning to Universal Orlando.
  But oddly enough, not where we once lived. 

 King Kong will return to Universal Orlando but he'll be moving into Islands of Adventure, right beside Jurassic Park. While many of us aren't sure of this new moved from Universal or what it means for the current "Jurassic Park" area- it can no longer be denied since plans have come out showing us exactly where the newest addition's ride building we be located.

  After a little bit of playing with Google Maps and Paint (I know, awesome skills, right?)- I've tried to highlight the various areas which will be changing over to "Kong".

 The new building will go in the current service area beside and behind Jurassic Park River Adventure. Right up against the side of Toon Lagoon and Dudley Do-Right's. Full plans aren't available yet (or at least no one has dug up the full permits and posted them online yet) to tell us what areas will be changed to an entrance plaza for this new attraction. It also begs the question of what will happen if Jurassic Park ever wants to expand, more so with the addition of a new movie coming out in 2015.

 Right now, no one knows when this new "King Kong" themed attraction will open but many speculate it will be ready to roll in 2015-2016. We're also not sure if this will be the same attraction "King Kong 3D-360" which is found at Universal Studios Hollywood. Right now- we've got more questions than answers. 

More news and rumors about this new attraction as it becomes available.

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