Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Proposed New Park- Re-Opening Six Flags New Orleans

 Proposed New Park- Trying to Re-Open Six Flags New Orleans.

 In a surprise move which no one expected, a group called TPC-NOLA has filed proposed plans to both fix and reopen the devastated amusement park, Six Flags New Orleans under the the parks previous name of "Jazzland".

 The group which raised this proposal has a rather large range of experience, from racetracks to zoos, they've re-devolved and worked on a huge range of projects. Their proposal to re-open the abandoned amusement park was filed on February 28th to the city of New Orleans. Along with the proposal the park has filed their plans in a .PDF file online which anyone can view.

 Within the proposal they focus on the unique culture and art of New Orleans as well as the fact the defunct park has been used as a movie/TV setting and the idea of an additional waterpark called "Baritone Beach". They point out the amusement park attendance has been highly on the rise as well as the growing interest in waterparks among traveling guests.

 Their plan includes a "themed land" model, with five unique areas in the new park.
  • Outdoor Concert Venue
  • The Quarter
  • The Beach
  • The Bayou
  • Sportsman's Paradise 
Which are would include a focus of an area of both New Orleans and the State of Louisiana, having multiple rides which appeal to everyone.

 The bad news is that nearly everything currently standing at the Six Flags New Orleans site would be removed, the remaining items are simply too damaged to be fixed and reused. However, this proposed new park is willing to bring in new rides and attractions.

 Honestly, it's a LOT to take in in a short blog article. I'd suggest anyone interested check out the proposal for themselves, it's easy to read but long!

Proposal for Jazzland Park
Website: Jazzland Park
 Facebook Page: Jazzland Park

All images from the Jazzland Park Facebook Page

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