Friday, April 18, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Delayed

 Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Opening Day Delayed.

 For unknown reasons, today Busch Gardens Tampa announced that the opening of their new drop tower attraction, Falcon's Fury, will be delayed.

 This is currently no word or timeline on when the ride will be opened. The park is currently saying the delay is due to construction issues. However, the ride was seen testing just days ago doing "slow drops". Rumors are flying all over the place, the most current one states that the ride wasn't dropping correctly and was making some form of "screeching" noise.

 The new attraction was suppose to open on May1st. Fans are in an uproar of the sudden announcement and even more since there hasn't been another date given yet.  We will update with more news when it comes.

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