Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Conneaut :Lake Park- Only Paying Taxes Will Save Park..

 County States "Only Paying Back-taxes Will Save Conneaut Lake Park".

 In a not very surprising move Crawford County has stated that the only thing to spot the sale of Conneaut Lake Park is for them to establish.. and actually PAY their back taxes.

 The not-very-trustworthy board of trustees has been hunting for a way out of their un-paid back taxes for a while and in the process, maybe save the park which is deeded to the public. The park, which owes more the $900,000 in public and school taxes to the county has been quietly not paying the last several years, making the sum astronomical.  The counties 'Economic Progress Alliance" has worked out and submitted a way out for the worthless trustees, provided they establish a new board to oversee the amusement park and make sure these overdue taxes get re-paid over the next five years.  This new group would consist of three people for the current board and three members of the Alliance, to make sure things get done correctly.

 Judging by how bad things have gotten under the over-site of the current board of trustees, I'm not very faithful that this plan will be enacted. While I hope they will move in the right direction to save the park, I'd still suggest every visit this season after they open on May 23rd.

 ...it may likely be your last chance.

Information from: The Meadville Tribune

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