Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Update and Rumors

 Falcon's Fury Updates and Rumors from Busch Gardens Tampa.

 While we're still waiting on final word about an opening day regarding Falcon's Fury, the newest attraction to Busch Gardens Tampa, we do have some good news as well as a few rumors to pass around.

 The ride is testing again and has been for the last several days. From all accounts (including the great folks at BGT Fans) the ride is working and testing normally and any problems seem to have been sorted out in recent time.

 An interesting rumor, which I also heard for chatting with BGT Fans on Twitter, the ride wasn't the main delay. Most of the delays regarding Falcon's Fury are construction related outside of the ride, such as the Pantopia are and Queue Line involved in the direct vicinity of the ride. Since I consider BGT Fans to be a pretty damn reliable source, I'm inclined to believe that they have, in fact, been behind on construction since December. This is what's causing the majority of the delays and not problems with the ride.

 However, there is still no hint or rumor of a possible opening date for Falcon's Fury. I'm sure it will open sometime in Summer of 2014 but we have nothing about a date yet.

 More updates when available!

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