Monday, May 12, 2014

Canada's Wonderland- New Water Slide? It's been found!

Photo Thanks to Aaron Farberman
 Canada's Wonderland- New Water Slide? It's been found!

 Well Folks,
Since the winter many of us heard about Canada's Wonderland getting a new water slide. One that might possibly have been from the failed "Soak City".  We reported on people spotting parts of what looked like a water slide back in November (Read the first report here!).

 However, Today on Facebook Aaron sent me a message. This new waterslide has been spotted in the wild now that the park is open to guests. Found lurking in many pieces behind the "Canadian Mine Buster" roller coaster, near the waterpark.

 Still no word on when constitutions of this slide will begin nor when we can expect to see vertical progress. Also nothing yet about the placement of the slide of possible names.

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