Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Six Flags Great America- Goliath Opening Delayed.

Image from Screamscape
Six Flags Great America- Goliath Opening Delayed by Park.

 For those of us who've been watching the construction of Goliath closely, this isn't much of a surprise.

 The newest wooden coaster which will feature full inversions has been delayed. Six Flags Great America has stated they need more time to complete the complex ride going into their Chicago amusement park.  So far the park hasn't yet announced a new 'opening date' for the ride, although as far as I can tell the roller coaster is still set for a 2014 opening season (according to the Six Flags Great America website).

Image from Screamscape
 Construction on this coaster has been slow going at best and stalled at the worst. The bitter winter played a large factor is delaying the start of construction. In addition to the complex nature of the roller coaster and steal track, this seems to have slowed the park down even more.

 Right now, you can see the full inversion and parts of the lift hill but you'll notice plenty of the rides key elements are still not even off the ground level.

 While we don't have any information about how delayed the progress is nor when the ride is now slated to open- we'll report back when more information is available!

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