Thursday, May 29, 2014

Universal Raises Prices on Annual Passes

Well, it's no real surprise that Universal Orlando has decided to increase the price on their annual passes. Just a few months ago they raised the ticket prices for daily admission, so it just goes with the territory that these would go up as well.

That said, it's not exactly a huge increase either and I doubt it's going to break the bank for anyone that's already a pass holder or is thinking about it.

So, here are new prices, which all have gone up just $15 and considering all of the new additions the park has been making in the past few years, and future projects already under construction, definitely think it's worth it.

Power Pass – Was $199.99 – Now – $214.99
Preferred Pass – Was $279.99 – Now $294.99
Premier Pass – Was $419.99 – Now $434.99

Yeah, not exactly a huge jump there. Either way, it's still great value at any of the levels.

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