Friday, May 9, 2014

Universal Studios Orlando- Possible Diagon Alley Opening Date

Universal Studios Orlando- Possible Opening Date for Diagon Alley.

 During a Thursday press conference the Chairman of Lowes Hotels, Johnathan Tisch mentioned a possible opening date for Universal Studios Orlando's newest expansion of their Harry Potter Franchise.

 "Mid-June" is the time frame which was dropped, be it accidentally or on purpose. This fits into the known time-line from Universal Orlando who simply has "Summer of 2014" listed as the opening time frame for Diagon Alley.  This also ties into the same general time frame in which Hogsmeade Village, located in Islands of Adventure opened.

 Universal is not commenting on this, choosing to only say that they have not yet announced anything about an opening day.

 More info is expected next week, when Universal Orlando will reveal more details about the Gringotts ride and possibly the Diagon Alley expansion.

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