Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Conneaut Lake Park- Survival and Settlement Plans

Conneaut Lake Park's Survival and Settlement Plans! 

 Well, finally some good news in regards to Conneaut Lake Park! While the park has had endless problems, mostly due to the board of trustees and mismanagement, allowing the park to fall into trouble both with maintenance and money,  there is some light at the end of this tunnel!

 The Court of Common Pleas in Crawford County, Pennsylvania has approved a settlement between Conneaut Lake Park and PA's Attorney General.  In this new deal the board of trustees which is responsible for this problem has been sacked, with a new board put into place to take care of managing the park. Included in this is a clean-up effort for the park, such things as fixes old fences, uprooting stray trees and a long term development plan.

 In addition the park will work with Pennsylvania's "Economic Progress Alliance" to keep the park moving forward and get them out of the heavy debt.

 Now, this new board is still not completely in the clear- They must come up with an action plan to pay back the nearly $900,000 in back taxes which the park owes to the state and county. Right now, they seem positive and appear to already be working on a game plan to keep the park open and operating-

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