Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rumor Alert- New Darkride at Knott's Berry Farm?

Rumor Alert- New Darkride at Knott's Berry Farm?

 Interesting new rumor coming from Knott's Berry Farm this week, could they be planning to add a new darkride in the park for 2015/2016?

 Well, According to Screamscape that's exactly what the rumor mill is saying. With the work nearly complete on Calico Mine Ride and the restoration of the Log Ride last season, they seem to be focusing on building the parks flat rides and dark rides back up. Not a bad thing considering many parks are missing the classic 'dark ride' style attractions in recent years.

  Rumor has it that workers have been seen in the area of the old "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs" building doing clean-up. During our recent visit to Knott's we didn't notice anything going on as they where still highly focused on Calico Mine Ride at the time, so this rumor must be very recent.

 However, it's still just a rumor until some more confirmation comes around!

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