Wednesday, July 2, 2014

*Breaking News* - Zoomanjaro Passholder Event Cancelled, July 4th Opening Questionable!

Looks like Six Flags Great Adventure has a bit of a problem on their hand with their newest ride, Zoomanjaro: Drop of Doom.

According to the park, they had to cancel their media event that was scheduled earlier today and the season passholder preview tomorrow. The reason? Well, it appears that the state of New Jersey hasn't fully inspected the ride and given clearance for the park to open it. Oops!

While the folks at Great Adventure are no doubt trying to get this little hiccup resolved, it brings the full opening that is planned for Friday, July 4th into question. Here's to hoping that they can things taken care of, but knowing how these things work, it could be a long shot and I wouldn't bank on it happening.

UPDATE 7/6/14: Turns out Six Flags Great Adventure was able to get the permits necessary and the ride was able to be opened on July 4th to the public as planned.

Why do I say that? Well, the park itself has come out and said that they would be rescheduling the passholder event and that likely means the media event as well on Twitter.

Since those two things usually happen before they officially open the ride, it's safe to say they wont' have it open this weekend at all.

Stay tuned for more updates on this as the info reaches our ears!

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