Thursday, July 17, 2014

Official POV from ALTAIR at Italy's Cinecitta World

Italy's newest theme park, Cinecitta' World, opened to the media not long ago and will be opening to the public on July 24th.

That said, there's already some very interesting footage from one of their centerpiece attractions. Their hot off the line Intamin 10 inversion coaster, ALTAIR. Parksmania obtained a front of the train POV showing future visitors just what they can expect and it looks nothing short of spectacular.

The 108.3' tall coaster features 10 different inversions spread out over it's 2,870ft of track. Riders will hit speeds of around 52mph as they slam through a loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew, heartline roll and then go for a spin through the quad heartline at the tail end. It's compact size means there's no time for breathing on this one.

So, without further ado, here's your first look at ALTAIR!

Also, have to say, the ride building for this one is completely insane as well. I mean just look at that, it's like something out of a Sci-Fi flick or video game. Loving the detail and overall look of this, can see a good view of what the overall building looks like from the image taken below by Theme Parks Italia.

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