Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Six Flags Magic Mountain- "Ninja" Coaster Derails after Hitting Tree

Image from KTLA
 Six Flags Magic Mountain- "Ninja" Roller Coaster Hit By Tree, Derails.

 Honestly, I hate writing this damn 'shock' headlines and I hate it more when their the truth. Double this level of hate when it's one of the few rides at Magic Mountain I enjoyed. Sadly, tonight that's exactly the type of news I'm having to report.

 The "Ninja" Roller Coaster, A Suspended-Swinging Coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain was hit my a tree yesterday around 6pm. When the ride was dispatched from the station, it was just a matter of time. The train stuck the fallen tree, which derailed the first 'car' of the roller coasters train and froze it on the tracks. Riders where stuck for over an hour while being evacuated by the fire department. KTLA is reporting that four injuries happened to riders and two where taken to area hospitals.

 Six Flags is currently stating that they regret the incident but are saying nothing further.  I can tell you from our visit recently to Magic Mountain, the park is negligence central. None of the tree around "Ninja" are trimmed, nor did they look like they had been for a long while during our visit in March. The ride operations are shoddy at best and laughable at worst.  They don't bother to enforce their own rules, attendants barely pay attention to their own rides (either by talking to each other, playing on their person cell phones or even eating while their support to be working).

 Currently, there doesn't seem to be much else but we're currently working on trying to contact someone about more photos of the accident as well as an account of what happened.

 ...more to come when possible.

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