Tuesday, July 8, 2014

*Updated* Six Flags Magic Mountain- More Info about "Ninja" Coaster Accident

Image from Reddit User Ohkaythxbi
*Updated* Six Flags Magic Mountain- More Information about "Ninja" Coaster Accident.

 Well, I've managed to dig up some more information about yesterdays 'Ninja" roller coaster derailment which happened at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

 I try to tell people the power of the internet but often they discount it. Well, the Reddit community was on top of this accident due to an unfortunate problem- one users sister was on the ride.  Thankfully she wasn't injured but doesn't wish to speak about the accident at this time. OhkayThxBi also gave me permission to use the photos which where posted up to the forum which give us a much better idea of what really happened.

 From this photo, taken by his sister while on the ride. You can clearly see the front car is nearly completely off the tracks. It appears to be hanging from the back wheel set, which is keeping it attached to the track. You can also see the rest of the cars are left at an odd angle.

 This image also showed up but I haven't been able to re-trace it back but it shows that a massive tree fell onto track. While Six Flags and the News Stations are attempting to play this off as "a tree branch or tree limb" we can clearly see, that is NOT the case.

 It's a tree, a complete tree which fell onto the empty track. Which when the ride was dispatched, struck the tree and caused the derailment. This goes a long way to show just how much negligence is really found at Magic Mountain, which we saw with our own eyes back in March. The park was not well kept, especially on the mountian which houses both the Ninja Roller Coaster and Superman: Great Escape.

 The mountain was highly overgrown, with tree limb nearly touching the track of Nina to begin with.. and this was back in March. It was fairly clear that Horticulture isn't high on their priority list, this accident which likely could have been avoided, shouldn't have happened. Add into this completely disinterred ride operations employees and your looking at a disaster.  Honestly, we saw ride operators ignoring their jobs and the park rules. People with camera's and cell phones on the rides (not GoPro Units, Hand-held cameras and call phones) being allowed to ride. Ride Operators ignoring questions, chatting with each other and ignoring riders, eating and talking on their own cell phones.

  Although due to this accident, I'm concerned for the fate of Ninja. Six Flags doesn't have a great track record and Suspended-Swinging coasters are 'out of fashion'. Their also hard to maintain and keep in running order, with one train likely totaled the fate of the ride could be grim.

 I also wouldn't be surprised if many other parks suddenly scramble today to trim back trees and brushes around roller coasters.

As always, more information when we find out about it..

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