Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Centurion vs Fury 325 - What is Coming to Carowinds in 2015?

Okay, now we can officially say that we're confused. We know it's a coaster and we know it's likely to be from B&M, but outside of that, no clue at all. Carowinds has leaked yet another logo out there somehow and it's not Centurion. This time it's for Fury 325 and it seems a little more official since their main website even has a similar honeycomb/hive pattern on it as well. Of course, this could be all one giant ruse to throw us all off again before the announcement this Thursday.

So, we're back to square one here it would seem. Well, not entirely since we do have two logos which are both possibilities for the name of the new coaster now. That's more than we had at the start of this whole thing as well. The only question is which, if either, will be the name.

There's a good case to be made for both, so let's take a little look at just what evidence we have to support both. Centurion leaked first and it's a good a place as any to start this off here. Something Roman themed would make sense in quite a few ways.

For starters, there were the banners seen inside the park as well as columns and even Roman numerals out there.

I mean come on, the thing even says "Rome wasn't built in a day..." right on it followed by the date of August, 21st, 2014 in roman numerals right below. If that's not a good indication, then I don't know what is. The fact that the Centurion name was also trademarked by Cedar Fair makes a strong case for this as well.

So, there's that much of things and then there's even more evidence to support the whole Centurion name with the columns going up in the construction area and even a website leak showing the countdown with logo and and all too. Interestingly enough, the website leak, sporting the countdown splash page image below, was after the whole beekeeper thing.

However, this is just the first side of the puzzle and the website that was leaked had a little of the old publishing trick of "Lorem Ipsum" going on with at as well. So, while it looks like Centurion is coming for sure...there is another way. A much more...stingy way.

Just released was another logo image this time featuring the Fury 325 name with a hornet over top of a honeycomb/hive background. Before this was another series of clues that had some people thinking that it could be themed after the Charlotte Hornets. Phrases like "You can't stop it, only contain it" and other clues led folks to believe that was happening.

However, the one thing that really had people wondering was the bee keeper deliveries that happened on and around August 6th. This was the first thing along with the quote above that happened which was really against the Centurion/Roman theme that had been hinted at all along.

The boxes that were delivered had the same quote on them and inside was a net and a card, the writing on it not known at this time at all. Though, it's probably nothing of significance here either.

Around the same time, the splash image on Carowinds website showed up with a honeycomb/hive background. So, it would appear that whatever is planned has something to do with bees or hornets from the looks of it.

Curious indeed. It seems as if there's two entirely different things happening here and none of us here at ISI can make heads or tails of this. Is it possibly two new rides coming, like Kings Island did with The Bat and Banshee, or is it just a very complicated distraction to throw folks like us off? Again, not sure at all.

The new logo that's shown up today definitely fits with the new line of images and events, but until Thursday there's just no way of knowing.

However, that's not all that's been going on either. There's been even more clues and hints as to possible elements and other things going on from the park too.

Three days after the whole beekeeper stuff was going on, another image was sent out via Twitter from the park and this time they were talking about, what I assume is a ride element.

Definitely seems like they're talking a possible tunnel or something else going on with the coaster. Which, if the earlier fan made video based off of the blueprints of the ride are any indication will be part of the layout and this sign at the park entrance just seems to confirm that.

So, we have two possible names, and a bunch of clues that support both. We also know that it's likely going to be built by B&M, who also built Intimidator. The whole bit about lightning striking twice could be that it's is another B&M hyper.

The 325 in the newest name could also be hinting at the height, which would make it the tallest traditional non-launched coaster in the world as well, topping Millenium Force at Cedar Point and Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland.

UPDATE: A Cedar Fair Coaster Construction Facebook Fan Group has posted up this image of track being spotted at the park. Teal with green/yellow and white supports...yeah, at a total loss here too.

And there ya have it, pretty much everything we know and have speculated on so far as Carowinds has slowly streamed out the info to us. Anything is possible here and either name/theme could easily happen at this point.

Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you all the information from Carowinds on Thursday, August 21st as they reveal to the world just what they're up to. Be it Fury 325 or Centurion, based on what we know it is going to be truly awesome either way!

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