Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gardaland Dive Coaster Hype at Full Throttle

Construction of Gardaland's newest coaster, what is heavily believed to be a B&M dive machine, is underway and they're not wasting any time getting the word out there that something is coming. Not only is there a whole teaser website set up for the new coaster, but they've been tying it into displays in the park as well.

The display, pictured left, was empty for a while but that didn't last long. Once the teaser site went up, there was a strange orange glowing crater inside the structure as well as two uniformed staff standing outside of it. Weird, huh?

Now, this does make a lot of sense given what was shown in the video on the site in the form of a fake news report talking about some kind of otherworldly disturbance appearing over the park.

There's actually three videos, one of them going back to the beginning of the park's construction and the weird crater showing up then. Then, in the newer newscast, some kind of giant rift in the sky can be seen, taken from a "German tourist's cell phone". You can catch the videos here, if you don't understand Italian, there's a slider at the top for English subtitles.

Since then, another video has surfaced on the site as well. This one interviewing people who spotted yet another sighting of the strange vortex in the sky with hints that this happened back in the '70s as well and reports of seeing the beams of light coming from it as well.

Since we know it's a B&M coaster, the hints being given are a bit obvious at this point but it's still fun to follow along with the clues and all that. Then again, we have no idea what the ride will be called or it's theme and size either really. So, that's still a good mystery to try and solve. Stay tuned for more updates out of Gardaland and their new coaster for 2015!

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