Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cedar Point Confirms "Rougarou" for 2015

Cedar Point Confirms "Mantis is Squashed" but "Rougarou is Coming" for 2015.

 Well, we've finally figured out where Cedar Point will use the trademarked name of "Rougarou" and it isn't for Halloween Haunt nor the long rumored Dark Ride.

 It's the 'replacement' of Mantis, which doesn't appear to be a replacement at all. Cedar Point has stated that Mantis, the Stand-Up B&M Roller Coaster, will be converted into a 'Floorless Coaster' for the 2015 season. They mentioned nothing about any elements of the ride changing nor anything about the layout, from the imagine above, their simply putting new trains on the coaster and changing the name.

 New Trains do not make a 'New Coaster'. No matter what they try to tell us.  Sorry Coaster Fans, We'll have to wait a while longer before Cedar Point offers us anything new to add to our collective coaster counts.

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