Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holiday World-Thunderbird Watch 10/8

Image from Screamscape
Holiday World 'Tops Off' Thunderbird on Tuesday.

 Even with a minor delay due to weather, Holiday World has delivered on their promise of having the newest roller coaster 'Thunderbird' topped off quickly.

 On Tuesday, the top Immelman loop (directly after lauch) was completed. It's also the highest piece of track on this roller coaster, set to open in 2015. The park is really pushing to have much of their main construction completed as quickly as possible!

 We've also got some news in regards to the roller coasters launching system!

 It appears the first B&M launching coaster will be powered by a normal LSM system. Meaning, 'Liner Synchronous Motor' (translation- Powered by Electra-Magnetic Force) rather then a cable or launch car systems as seen in other launching style roller coaster. Top Thrill Dragster is a 'Cable' system and Rock'n'Roller-Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studies is a 'launch car' system (also powered by cables).

 The park has added in a power sub-station in order to generate the addition electric power which the new coasters ride systems will require. So, unlike some other parks in the past, Holiday World won't brown out the entire city the first time it launches into being!

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