Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baron 1898 Goes Vertical at Efteling

Well, it hasn't been too long since our last update, but the folks at Efteling are moving ahead and things are starting to get really interesting with the construction of Baron 1898. We've already covered what the ride is all about before, but now the question of just how close to the concept art the ride will look has been answered.

Holy crap.

Yep, that deserves it's own special little line there. Why? Well, the work has been progressing well and so far it looks like things will be extremely close to the concept art shown above. This is gonna be one helluva coaster to see once it's complete. Okay, enough rambling, let's get on the most recent set of pictures straight from the folks at!

First up, a look at the queue and station building, gotta say, coming along really nicely here and definitely gonna be the nicest station house out there by a long shot.

Next up, taking a peek at the lift support, which is definitely an interesting thing to see here. I can't recall B&M ever using an open steel support design like this. Sure, they do some odd things, like for Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Aplengeist from time to time, but this is something all together different and it's quite beautiful.

Overall, looks like the plans are coming together well and it shouldn't be too much longer before we see just what the exterior and everything else will look like as well. Can't wait to some day get over there to ride this beast, along with the park's other attractions.

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