Monday, February 16, 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces Two New Countries for 2015 Food & Wine Festival

With only 94 days until the start of the third annual Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the park has announced that two new countries will be joining the line up for 2015. Each new addition to the park's line up has been met with a good bit of enthusiasm so far but as always, this sadly means the departure of a one other locations for this year as well. The new additions, despite the subtraction, mean that there will be 14 countries included in this year's event.

So, just what are the newest additions and what got cut? Well, look no further as Eastern Asia and The French Quarter have been added to the roster.

There hasn't been a menu for either of the two new countries just yet, but it's bound to be just a matter of time before the park releases them to clue us in to just what we'll be offered at each. Have to say that we're all really looking forward to these two and seeing just what they cook and mix up for us this year!

However, as I said earlier, one country got the axe and that would unfortunately be Belgium While we'll miss the waffles and beers, maybe they'll show up somewhere else in the park like some of Austria's offerings in the past. Only time will tell on that one so, stay tuned as we'll have the full menu coming to you very soon from the other countries returning to this year's event!

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